Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 6th, 2014 – Our Wedding

Photo by Cara Spoto of the Racine Journal Times
After more than a year of planning, Karl and I stepped into a different chapter in our lives on a gloriously, beautiful early autumn day at Old World Wisconsin!  The sky was as blue as it can be.  The gentlest of breezes blew.  The sun shone as brightly as possible.  Old World Wisconsin provided the perfect 19th century backdrop.   BUT… It was our family, friends and public guests that truly made the day a colorful, festive 1880 Wedding celebration! 
I will let the photos speak for themselves. I have given credit on the photos wherever possible. We only have the photos that friends have sent me or posted on Facebook. I am sure there are more somewhere...
Photo by Julie Peterson
My brother, Jimmy Danko, was incomparable as the Hochzeitsbitter (Wedding Inviter). As my dear friend, Kathleen, stated, "He was born to play the role of the Hochzeitsbitter".
Photo by Erica Laabs
As tradition has it, I arrived to the ceremony by horse drawn carriage... or rather, in Old World Wisconsin tradition, horse-drawn Omnibus accompanied by my Bridesmaids and other dear ladies...

Photo by Becky Bross
I might be biased, but my father looked so dapper walking me down the aisle...
Photo by Kim Shrake

The vows...
Photo by Ashlee Peterson
The Kiss... Okay, soooo this feels a little weird posting this photo myself, but then I remember this whole ceremony was in public with 650+ people. ...and if we did it all over again, we would do it the same way! Thank you Old World Wisconsin and Thank You to everyone who attended. Karl and I hope you enjoyed spending the day with us and at Old World Wisconsin!!

Photo by Sara Kaphengst

Our Families...

Photo by Ashlee Peterson

The Bridal Party...
Photo by Erica Laabs
Wonderful Wishes arrived from all over Old World Wisconsin...

Photo by Michael Cannon
There will be other posts with wedding details in days to come...

Visit Old World Wisconsin, the largest Living History Museum in the United States which focuses on 19th Century rural life....
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  1. Wonderful photos! You must feel like celebrities of a sort to have your wedding covered by so many newspapers. Akin to the Kardashians?! (perish the thought!)

  2. I was amazed that there was an excellent bar on the ground floor and the bartenders are really friendly. We had a great time going to the wedding location venue and then dinner.

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