Sunday, August 21, 2011

Welcome! I believe as with anything else in life, this first post is going to be the hardest and perhaps the most awkward. Where do I start? Why a blog you may ask? Well, I have been toying with this idea for a while now, and I have decided to do something about it. I hope to share mainly observations, but perhaps a little of the knowledge that I have picked up along the way. I love all period textiles and the ethnic foodways of Wisconsin.  I am experienced in period crochet and tatting techniques. Women's history has a special place in my heart.

Basically, I hope my wanderings through the 19th and Early 20th century material culture are as interesting and fun to you as they are for me. 



  1. Way to go Anne! Great Idea!!! I will be reading whatever you post! Good Luck, I think you'll find you will get a lot of readers! On to the next blog! =)

  2. Congrats! I look forward to seeing where it goes!