Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ladies, a Gentle Reminder for the Coming Winter Months...

Original Crocheted Wool Petticoat
 in Afghan/Tunisian Crochet with
cross-stitch decoration
Ladies, I am sure that you have noticed that the nights are getting cooler and the days have been getting shorter. It is none to soon for you to turn your attention to an important task at hand before the weather turns too chilly. It is time to check the condition of your woolen petticoats. It is true that these early autumn days are surely filled with many a winter preparation. Much needs to be tended in the garden, harvested garden fare is in need of preserving, children must be properly sent off to school, your home still is in need of daily attention and of course there is always charity work to keep a lady fully engaged. Yet, it would benefit you greatly to steal a few moments and fetch your winter petticoats from storage.

Petticoat of Red
Wool Yardage
with knit trim in
black cotton thread

It has been brought to my attention, there may be many ladies that although may not want to admit to it, did not properly examine and mend this very important winter garment before setting it into storage for the summer months. Do remember, Ladies, that it is not uncommon for our boot heels and natural debris to catch our hems and tear them. Waistbands, metal closures and button holes are often in need of mending due to the rigors of daily wear. These warm, often colorful garments are not meant to be simply pretty but are intended to keep us warm, comfortable and healthy during the long winter months.

As seen in "Weldon's
Practical Needlework Vol. 1"
(Interweave Press
(Revised Text 1999))

For you ladies who discover that repair is not enough and are in need of replacement I do say you may be in need of more than a few stolen moments. There is a surplus of suitable patterns for both knit and crocheted woolen petticoats, but the completion of such a project at this late date may prove to be too great of a challenge except for the most accomplished ladies. There are however plenty of pretty examples that can be completed with functional yet attractive woolen yardage. Red is always a delightful choice that may be decorated very prettily with a knit or crocheted trim.

Close-up of Knit Edging
 Petticoat courtesy
of Old World Wisconsin

For you Gentlemen, who may snatch a glimpse of this very practical reminder, do not dissuade your wives from the important task. Do remember that their comfort and health is indeed important and will lead to a happy and efficient household. Should you notice that they are in need of a few extra moments, it may behoove you to check you wife's darning basket and help with the mending of your own woolen winter socks. It is not ungentlemanly to lend a hand at a this practical task, but rather you will find your thoughtfulness will not go unnoticed.


  1. How will we find time to darn the socks when there is so much wood to chop before the snow flies? We do, however, have some found time since we are no longer hunting the elusive potato bug in the garden!

  2. Alas, a Gentleman's work is never done....