Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Socks...

The red socks are reproduction
Flammegarn Norwegian socks 
made by our friend Kristi who 
spun and dyed the wool as well 
 as knit the socks.  The white  
stockings are artifacts in Old 
World Wisconsin's collection.
So yesterday, I decided to try to make something that I have never made before now. Socks. I am not sure why it was so necessary for me to start them yesterday. Maybe it is because I am in the mood for new experiences, or maybe it is just time for me to do something that I should have learned years ago. Either way, I guess I will find out if I am able to knit myself a pair of socks that I can wear.

Reproduction socks Karl knit
from a WWI pattern using
commercially spun wool. 
Please excuse the paw. I gave up
attempting to make her co-operate.
I am a competent knitter. I love to knit mittens, bags, pincushions and have knit dozens of  modern knit washcloths. I have also made a couple scarves but I find them to be a bit tedious. I have toyed with knitted lace, but I like making crocheted and tatted lace better. I would never refer to myself  as an expert knitter. I think that is a title reserved for those who make scads of sweaters, socks, shawls and/or lace. That is not me, but it is high time for me to try my hand at socks.

Another sock Karl is knitting with
his favorite ebony needles.
Yesterday, my friend Kami and I drove to my favorite yarn/fiber shop, Studio S Fibre Arts in Delevan. It is a small store out in the middle of nowhere at the intersection of Hwy A and Hwy 89. It is stocked full of all kinds of yarn and fiber...everything that you can imagine. If you want to start a project, need help, find a pattern or simply marvel at the beautiful yarns from all over the world this is a great place to go. Studio S is a bit out of the way, but it is a beautiful drive out in Wisconsin farm country.

I have watched Karl and our friends Becky and Kristi knit 19th and early 20th c. style reproduction socks. Me, I decided to knit a pair of modern socks with a pattern that I know will work, and I can understand. Well, let me define modern. It is modern in the sense that the pattern in from 1941 as opposed to the 19th c. and early 20th c. patterns I regularly use. After drooling over many skeins of gorgeous colors and fibers, Kami helped me pick out fun modern sock yarn from Germany. These two 50 g balls of Regia Brand sock yarn are 75% wool and 25% polyester, so they should hold their shape and last a long time. The pattern calls for wool floss; I am using fingering weight yarn. It is a self striping yarn in black, greys, reds and white.  Fortunately, I  already possess the Size 2 needles the yarn requires in my favorite Swallow Brand needles.

Currently, I am turning my first heel... I will keep you apprised of my progress.
Turning my very first sock heel.


  1. I haven't done socks yet either! Let us know how they turn out.

  2. Yea Anne! I haven't had time to pick up knitting needles since I worked at OWW! Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well! Keep us posted on your progress...and any interesting tidbits you learn while working on your new project! Good Luck....and have fun!

  3. I'm impressed with anyone who can knit. I can crochet, but I can't knit.
    Good luck with your socks! I hope we get to see pictures when they're finished.

  4. Well, I am on the toe of my first sock. I've found it to be quite relaxing.