Sunday, August 26, 2012

Stolen Sunday Solace...

The misty grey sky, palpable humidity and indescribable scent of rain foretells there is scarcely enough time to gather flowers for a fresh bouquet on this Sunday morning before the impending shower arrives…

There is just enough time to gather a few colorful flowers, chamomile and a large bunch of mint. Once placed in a vase, there’s no need to breathe deeply. The heavy wet air instantly infuses the mint and chamomile scent into the dining room.  Back in the kitchen, there is a stash of maple logs and cedar kindling. They make the perfect fire in the dining room stove. The fire is small enough so as not to warm the room, but large enough to slightly dry the air in the room and infuse yet more fragrance into the air on this August afternoon. 

On a quiet Sunday afternoon, it is easy to steal a few simple moments of bliss. Sip a cup of coffee, quietly knit and enjoy a bit of 19th century aromatherapy.

 Photos take in the Sanford House at Old World Wisconsin

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