Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Traditional Festive Atmosphere...

Among the Pomeranians along with other German speaking peoples and other ethnic groups, weddings were a community event. These festive events were most often held in the late fall after harvest when the food selection was plentiful and variety was at its best.
Days are cool, comfortable and after long weeks of harvesting and preparing for the winter, family and neighbors are ready for a festive atmosphere.
Already months in advance, the Bride, Groom and their families would be begin making or altering special clothing to be worn by the Bride and Groom.
Now, it is time for neighbors to join in the celebration. In the coming days, before the wedding there would be baking of special sweet treats, cooking special savory dishes, gathering flowers for decorative displays, often times the carriage or wagon of the wedding couple would be decorated.

  Traditionally, approximately a week or two prior the wedding, the Hochzeitsbitter or wedding inviter would travel the village in his colorful garb inviting extended family, friends and neighbors. Being paid in coin or drink by the invitees, this would signal time for wedding preparations to start. The celebration would often last for 3 days.

Large luncheons and dinners would be prepared with a wide array dishes and treats. Invited guests would lend a hand bringing delicious treats for feasting and partying . Good natured pranks would be had while the beer, schnapps and wine flowed. Musicians would bring their instruments to fill the air with music and dance. Laughter, colors, music, food and fun would start the couple off on their life together….

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