Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

The Kvaale House Kitchen restored to 1865 as seen at Old World Wisconsin, Eagle WI.

A sewing machine, a pitcher, a crock,  a coffee grinder, a flatware tray, and various other ordinary household trinkets... It is a simple vignette of things used in a rural home in 1865. Many of us might see them only as symbols of drudgery and never-ending chores. Now, look at these items again. Think of all them women who through the course of the decades touched these items or items much like them. These simple items are symbols of a home. A home which women lovingly made for their families. Through the seemingly endless hours of work, there were tasty homemade dinners and treats. Clothes were sewn for little ones being welcomed into this world crafted with the same tenderness as the clothing worn by children passing from childhood into adulthood. Rare but precious moments of quiet were stolen over a hot cup of coffee...

It is in these simple symbols we still recognize a home, our families and our mothers...

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers who have sacrificed, and created warm, nurturing, loving homes for their families. As children of all ages, we often hold the simple memories most dear!

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