Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Greeting....

This post is simple. On the same day I found Master Floyd Clark's greeting cards, I also found this New Year's Card.  It is printed by the Gibson Art Co., Cinn. O. It was never sent, but it would have only cost 1 Cent to send in the US, Possessions, Canada and Mexico. Had you have wanted to send it someplace foreign, it would have cost you 2 Cents.  I presume it is from the early 1900s, but I could be wrong as the history of Greeting Cards is not my strong point. I thought the sentiment was lovely. 

Loving New Year Greetings

May the castles you built in the air last year
become solid realities in the present one. 

May you build a kingdom of 
castles in 2012!


  1. Well, that card is just lovely!!!! And a happy New Year to you!


  2. Thanks, Serena! I thought so, too. I didn't go seeking any of these cards, but I was so enchanted by them.