Tuesday, March 21, 2017

March 21st - Strength

c. 1880s

Women's History Month Day 21

A few weeks ago, this portrait struck me while I was casually perusing through vintage photos at an antique store in Grafton, WI. Her eyes are piercing and there is strength in her appearance. Although we do not know who she is, she appears comfortable sporting her hair in an 1860s style while wearing 1880s style clothing. Her broach is pretty, yet inexpensive, and her garment appears to be a mid/lightweight wool.

How we relate to current fashion, has remained a constant between the 19th and 21st centuries. Like many of us, ladies of the 19th century became comfortable with a certain hairstyle or fashion and stuck with it only changing slightly. Others enjoyed updating as styles changed. Still others desired to update their hair or wardrobes, but do to extenuating circumstances, like money or health, were unable to do so as frequently as they wished. In regards to changing fashion, we ladies of the 21st century are still able to relate to ladies of the 19th century even if the styles themselves are vastly different.

Cabinet Card Purchased at Seth's Antiques in Grafton

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