Thursday, March 2, 2017

March 2nd - Fritzi & Flinty...

Women's History Month Day 2

Label on Back of Photo: Fritzi & Flinty in front of the cabin we occupied for one night enroute. Taken at Lassen National Forest

Although labels cannot always be trusted, the handwriting style fits the this 1920s photo. Fritzi must be the lady as Flinty refers to the car. The Flint Automobile was assembled in Flint, MI from 1923-1927 when it was discontinued. (It was priced to compete with the Buick). Another interesting note: The young women in her cotton sun dress would've have most likely viewed the stiff, formal photos of the 19th century to be as old-fashioned as we often do. ...and Yes, this photo comes complete with the photographer's finger in the photo.

Bibliography:Consulting, F. C. (2017). History. Retrieved March 2, 2017, from

Photo Provence: Wisconsin Purchase.

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