Thursday, March 30, 2017

March 29th - Aunt Lerisa

c. Early 1880s

Women's History Month Day 29

The back of this photo is labeled "Aunt Lerisa". The front of this cabinet card shows where "Aunt Lerisa" had her photo taken: "Robinson and Roe, 77 Clark Street, Chicago" 

This very stylish young woman had her photo taken at a trendy photo studio in Chicago. Robinson and Roe. It was a high-volume photo studio with one of the posing rooms stated as being the largest outside Manhattan. Robinson & Roe became known to the theatrical community, and cast photos were often taken there. The photograpers would go on to open a successful studio in Brooklyn, but would remain partners and retain their Chicago studio until 1906. 

Knowing this, I now wonder who "Aunt Lerisa" might be. Was she a young stylish woman looking to have her photo at a trendy studio? ...or was she a performer? ...or?

I encourage you to go on to read the most interesting article I found:, Robinson and Roe | Broadway Photographs, Studio, Robinson and Roe, March 29, 2017

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